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  • Dave Korinek

    Any injury to your kids is the worst, but Texas Ortho and Dr. Nguyen really took care of us from the day we walked into the office. From pre-op, surgery and recovery, we have been extremely pleased with everything and we are so thankful for the Doc and his staff. Most people don't realize the emotio...
  • Wanda

    I could not ask for any greater surgeon! He did my granddaughters torn ACL and meniscus that was torn two places, then I used him for my torn rotator cuff in 4 places and a misplaced tendon. U can’t find one any better. And Monica for therapy!’
  • James J P

    Dr Nguyen really cares about his patients and it shows. He went to extra effort to get me the surgery I needed , during the time when non-life-threatening surgery was not scheduled. He took extra time and made extra effort to give me the best result po...
  • Holly B

    Dr Nguyen changed my 20 year old daughter’s life! She had been suffering from knee pain and 2 botched surgeries by another surgeon, for over 5 years. After seeing Dr Nguyen, we were hopeful he could give her some relief. He did her MPFL and patella g...
  • Shelly H

    We had been on a 4 month journey with 2 other ortho spec. trying to find out what was wrong with my 13yr old daughters knee. Dr. Nguyen was THE ONLY one willing to stop and listen. He listened to my concerns as a mom and didn't give up on my daughter. He p...
  • James W

    Dr. Nguyen is great! Before meeting him I had previously had an out dated ACL replacement that limited what activities I could do. After the surgery he had a strict PT schedule that really helped me get back to doing what I want to do without worrying abou...
  • Vickie P

    Dr. Nguyen did a total replacement of my L. shoulder. It was a total success. He and his staff were awesome. A very positive experience.
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  • Steve W

    I can't remember when I have had an experience anywhere that was as good from start to finish as my visit this week to Texas Orthopedic Specialist in Bedford. From the moment my wife and I walked in the door and checked in until we were done with my appointm...
  • Mindy R

    I ruptured my Achilles' tendon and I went to see Dr. Michael Nguyen, MD. He is a very knowledgeable, kind and helpful doctor.
  • Jeff, Melissa and Sarah

    "Dr. Michael L. Nguyen,

    I wanted to send a quick message thanking you for treating our daughter Sarah. Thanks for showing so much care and concern for your patients. When we were driving home from our appointment Sarah had talked about how much she appreciated you explaining her MRI a...