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Steve W

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    I can't remember when I have had an experience anywhere that was as good from start to finish as my visit this week to Texas Orthopedic Specialist in Bedford. From the moment my wife and I walked in the door and checked in until we were done with my appointment and walked out, the experience was OUTSTANDING! Every staff member we came in contact with had a smile and they made us feel so comfortable. They were so professional and prompt in handling everything. Like a well oiled machine! X Ray was quick and easy. I met Dr. Michael Nguyen for the first time. He too, outstanding! He showed me the X rays and with great confidence told me what he could do to put me back together. (My words, not his. LOL) The way that Dr. Nguyen handles himself and explained to me what he needed to do to fix me (Again, my words) with confidence, left no doubt in my mind that I was ready for him to fix me up! Further, of course, I want to get surgery behind me so I can move forward with healing ASAP! Well, I still find it unbelievable that he worked me in to get the surgery done NEXT DAY! My experience, just yesterday, in getting the surgery done, was equally a great experience from start to finish! Staff at Surgery center equally great, and most importantly, Dr. Nguyen did an AMAZING job putting me back together after the terrible auto accident I had earlier last week that left me with broken bones and
    a detached ligament. Surgery that required plates and pins as well. After my surgery he gave my wife very clear X ray photos of the repairs. All perfect! And now today, just a day after surgery, I am amazed already about how I am feeling less pain than I felt before having the surgery. The first 48 to 72 hours after surgery I understand is when a person should have the most pain. Yes, I am taking the pain medication prescribed to me, but with that, I have been in very little low pain today, all day! Almost unbelievable to me! So, I can only give my highest recommendation for Dr. Michael Nguyen and the super support staff at Texas Orthopedic Specialist in Bedford. And again, the surgery center staff was equally amazing! When something like broken bones, etc. comes up unexpectedly, it can seem overwhelming. It did to me. Dr. Nguyen and his support staff took away all the overwhelming feeling and made the process all very easy for me! I know that now I can start healing and move forward with my life very soon as it was before my broken bones, etc. THANK YOU Dr. Michael Nguyen and ALL the staff at Texas Orthopedic Specialist! You guys are the best!