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Nancy M

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    Dr. Taunton and his staff were terrific. I'd had what seemed to be a knee problem that had been getting worse for almost 10 years and which my primary care physician could not fix (or even find the cause of). Even using a walker, I could barely get around. Dr. Taunton identified the problem as a HIP issue and did the hip replacement. The recovery at home was made easier by the fact that the physical therapist and the nurse came to my place, rather than expecting me to travel to them. I received PT three times a week for four weeks and at the end of the time was walking comfortably without a cane or walker. Now, six months later, I'm walking like I walked ten years ago. And I feel 100% better. Throughout the process, Dr. Taunton and his staff took excellent care to make sure that the surgery was a success. I recommend him and his clinic without reservation!
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