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Am I a Candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery

Arthritis of the knee can cause pain and stiffness, making regular activities such as walking and bending difficult. As arthritis progresses, conservative treatments tend to lose their efficacy and more definitive treatment should be considered. Knee replacement surgery involves replacing worn or damaged joints with implants to reduce pain and improve movement. It provides excellent results for many and is usually performed on those above 60 but may also benefit young patients with certain conditions.

To help your doctor decide if knee replacement surgery is ideal for you, answer the following questions.

  • 1. In general, your pain can be described as:

  • 2. Does your knee pain affect your sleep?

  • 3. Are you able to perform your basic household functions?

  • 4. Do you feel your knee is unstable or may give way?

  • 5. While walking, how long does it take before you experience severe knee pain?

  • 6. Are you able to walk down a flight of stairs?

  • 7. After sitting for a long time, describe the pain you experience on standing?

  • 8. Can you kneel down and get back up again?

  • 9. While driving, entering and exiting a car or using other forms of transport, your knee pain is described as: