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Jeff, Melissa and Sarah

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    "Dr. Michael L. Nguyen,

    I wanted to send a quick message thanking you for treating our daughter Sarah. Thanks for showing so much care and concern for your patients. When we were driving home from our appointment Sarah had talked about how much she appreciated you explaining her MRI and the drawings you did at her pre op visit and plus being so kind and listening to her concerns post op visits and rehab. Your time, personal attention, and professional services mean so much to our family. Jeff and I appreciated you reviewing her surgery outcome and showing us her orthoscopic pictures. You have a special way of relating to your patients and parents. Sarah's shoulder is so much better with her torn labrum repair. She has returned to most of normal activities and might ease back to playing masters water polo and Club WP. Sarah was asked by her old High School Coach to attend practice and talk to the team about overcoming adversities. She got in the water and did a hard scrimmage before the team headed off the the State tournament in Austin. The girls ended up winning first place. She enjoyed getting back in the water. She is working this summer teaching swim lessons and coaching stroke team. Thank you for giving her back something she loves.

    Again, thank you for being a Great Doctor!

    Jeff, Melissa and Sarah"